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Based in London, Lagg Trading Limited aims to  provide unique, tailor fit and trustworthy trade related consultancy, advisory and supplementary services to its clients based in UK and Turkey. Lagg Trading has great experience, wide knowledge about different markets and businesses and broad contacts in UK and Turkey.

Lagg Trading will act like your business partner to lift the barriers in front of your company in the new markets. Whether you want to do business in Turkey or in UK, our dedicated team will fulfill your needs in order to raise your new business; including market research and reporting, reaching the target audience, marketing, negotiation and contract management.


We treat your business issues as a turnkey project, by providing the all the consultancy service you need, and let your own resources to focus on your core business.   

Unique Service 

Lagg Trading will work on project basis and give unique, tailor fit services to it's clients which will help it to stand out amongst his competitors and give services in a differentiation way.



As an honoured business professional, one of the main missions of Lagg Trading  is to instil trust to its clients by guaranteeing transparency in all steps of his business, having high accuracy level in its services and always keep client satisfaction as a priority.

Create Value and Customer Intimacy

In order to create a business which gives value to its clients, Lagg Trading aims to provide intimacy with it's clients and create a value for them beyond their expectations.

International Environment Experience

Lagg Trading has been working with local and international clients, subcontractors and partners.

Business Networking

Having connections in private companies and government authorities, Lagg Trading has a great potential to reach the right connections to its clients.

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