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I am an engineer and a business development expert who started work as a Business Analyst at GTI, which works on modernization projects of border crossing points. As being involved in PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) projects, I gained invaluable experience about border&customs modernization and relevant businesses.

Being highly motivated and sophisticated about business development and financial analysis, I started to prepare the feasibility studies of new border crossing point and logistic center projects. I carried out the negotiation process about concession periods of new investments with Turkish Customs. 

Holding different kind of duties and representing the company on local and international platforms, I had chance to interact with different people from different sectors in the EMEA region which made me gain knowledge about different markets and developed my communication skills.

With this knowledge, I prepared quite a few study reports and analysis for different kind of sectors such as logistic centers, warehouses, duty free shops, gas stations, congress centers, hotels, etc. which made a great contribution to GTI and my personal development. Besides working on rental processes of commercial places in border facilities, I improved my business development, negotiation and management skills.

I love to be a creative “hands on” person who researches, learns, analyses and develops projects rather than doing a routine thing.


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